Hazey Are Back With ‘One Way Fame’ And It’s A Record Of The Year Contender For Us

If you thought the Bristol-based duo were done at one mesmerising EP, you’re wrong. They’re here again and this time we’re in love. 

‘One Way Fame’ is the name of the new EP from Hazey, dropping 12 November

Hazey are back with ‘One Way Fame‘ and they’ve raised their own bar! 

We first brought you the virtues of Hazey when we covered their debut release ‘Left To Wonder‘ back in February.

Now, we’re here in October and the dynamic duo have developed on those foundations of dreamy guitars and synthesisers from the first record and elevated their tone in a super wholesome way. 

I can’t help but feel ‘One Way Fame’ is, potentially, a more honest offering from Tim Brown and Justin Wilkinson 

There’s an American new rock theme running throughout the new EP, but it’s never more apparent than on ‘Honey One’ and ’16’, which are sublime. Reverberations of bands like Neck Deep, Taking Back Sunday, and Simple Plan bounce around to create something so enjoyable. 

However, those tunes are book-ended by three completely different vibes. 

‘Gateway Mug’ is the track one and it oozes rock vibes. It bounces along with Don Broco-esque confidence, hammering away at your frontal lobe. As an introduction it flings the door open, grabs you and says: “don’t bother wiping your feet, it’s filthy in here!” 

But then ‘Violet’ and ‘Robots Like To Love’ are completely different again, taking the lid off the first track and allowing the whole record to breathe.

Shimmering celestially in dramatic synth-pop glory. More akin to The 1975 than Don Broco. They’re dripping in lamented lyrics and sombre tones. 

Honestly, we’re blown away by this little EP.

There’s something special going on here and you have to jump on the train early. Within the walls of this superbly constructed record there’s rock, synth, frivolity, love and lament and it’s only five tracks long! I can only imagine what a Hazey gig looks and sounds like, and what I’m picturing at the moment feels like ambrosia. 

One Way Fame‘ drops on 12 November and we implore you all to get it. If you like music, you’re going to like something about this! Pre-save ’16’ now to get a taste of what we’re talking about or check out the video for ‘Gateway Mug’ below. 

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