EXCLUSIVE: We Review ‘Sudocream Queen’ By Venus Grrrls

Alt-rockers Venus Grrrls surprised us all recently by announcing their brand new single ‘Sudocream Queen’ and we’ve been given exclusive access to review it! Aaaaahhgfkfsjs

Venus Grrrls have delighted their fans by announcing the surprise release of new tune ‘Sudocream Queen’

Right, before we start we’d better say a huge thank you to the good people at Monomyth Records for giving us exclusive access for this review

Like a bullet out of the black, Venus Grrrls took to social media this week to announce the release of the final single from their upcoming ‘Potions’ EP, ‘Sudocream Queen.

Following on from previous single ‘Hate Me‘ I was super intrigued as to what the next stage was for the band, now we have the answer!

So what do we think? 

Well… it’s another girthy slice of barnstorming, punk-fringed, alt-rock goodness from this uber talented Leeds-based quintet. 

Written from personal experience of battling severe acne, ‘Sudocream Queen’ bounces into life on a wave of positivity and, of course, hammering guitars. 

While the tune may be about growing confidence in your own body image, there’s nothing shy and retiring about the way it crashes from verse to chorus and onwards. Thumping drums set the tone from beat one, while Grace “GK” Kelly’s vocal adds elegance and poise.

There’s a tone to Kelly’s delivery which is completely unique and utterly gripping. When it comes to the fore it has a way of elevating tunes like ‘Sudocream Queen’ above the standard alt-rock tracks currently on the scene. 

Now, plenty of singles and an EP into their journey you can really start to see there’s a confidence bubbling under the skin of what these northern punks are producing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s just an intoxicating energy to Venus Grrrls. At first I thought they were just good at creating engaging punk rock in a, post-pandemic, societal environment which seemed purpose built for the sound & message.

But now, having taken in more of the back-catalogue and with this new tune now bouncing into view, you have to start thinking it’s not a purple patch – it’s just razor-sharp song writing and that can’t be taught or picked up. You either got it or you ain’t!

Venus Grrrls are certainly on the crest of a wave and this new track, alongside the upcoming EP, could be the metaphorical surfboard which glides them into the big time. 

We’re delighted to report, Sudocream Queen‘ is available to stream and download now! So go give it a listen and start feeling better about yourself! 

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