Irish Quartet, The Clockworks, Are Showing Why You Should Believe The Hype

The Clockworks are back from a long-awaited summer of live shows to give us their new single ‘Throw It All Away’.

The Clockworks – ‘Throw It All Away’

Since we last covered The Clockworks on their previous single ‘Feels So Real‘, they’ve been busy lads. Heading out on the road around the UK and even spreading their wings into Europe. 

Playing slots everywhere including The Social in London, Liverpool Sound City, The Boof Festival, plus an eventful gig at Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival. The Irish four-piece have also got Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival and dates in Cologne under their belt. 

But now they’re back giving us all what we want, new music. Throw It All Away‘ is their brand new tune and we’re glad to say its more of the same. 

Following up on the success of the previous release was never going to be easy, but these lads seem to take every challenge in their, Doc Martin-drenched, stride. 

‘Throw It All Away’ is dripping in punk-rock attitude, delivered with a swagger which seems to be inherent in everything The Clockworks do. 

Deliciously chaotic guitars encourage this attitude to shine through, while the drums continue to crash forwards with wave after wave of euphoric sound. Finally, the vocals sit atop the tree of punky vibes like a shining star. 

Each element comes together to create a soundscape which is impossible to ignore. The builds are classic indie-rock and the crescendos hit every note you want them to. ‘Throw It All Away’ feels tailor-made for being belted out in one of the small music venues the UK is so famed for. 

That being said, we wouldn’t have minded hearing it floating across the green spaces at Victorious either.

From this, and the last record, it’s easy to see why names like Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy, Dan Hegarty and Ed Smith are so keen to put their weight behind this exciting quartet. 

Throw It All Away‘ is available to stream and download now.

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