Collars Are Back With ‘Jeremiah’, A Much Needed Swipe At Vapid Celebrity Culture

Piano’s, punk attitude, and perfect songwriting. Indie-pop duo Collars return with new single ‘Jeremiah’. 

‘Jeremiah’ is the new tune by Collars

Starting low and finishing dramatically high, Jeremiah‘ is a wonderful example of just what Collars are Capable of.

Admittedly I may be a little bit late to the party on covering the release of this one. But I first came across this new single when I took a look at the EP ‘Everything Present 1‘ way back in July. ‘Jeremiah’ is the final tune to be released off that record.

So let’s take a look at it in more detail. 

Turning focus on to the siren-song of celebritism and the grimy world which exists beyond the glitzy exterior. The lyricism for ‘Jeremiah’ is darker than we’ve previously heard from the Cambridgeshire duo.

A stripped back intro see’s Dan’s voice layered over the top of twinkling piano. Which, to be honest, when you know the brief about the song’s influence coming from the besmirched world of the wannabe celeb, you’d probably be forgiven for expecting an angrier soundscape

The piano is beautiful, nonetheless, but it doesn’t last for long. Sure enough about a minute in, the guitars come through and step up the pace. From here the single continues to generate momentum

Before long you’re enveloped in a world of angsty lyrics deliciously delivered against a cacophonous backdrop of crashing cymbals and filthy synth work.

The atmosphere stays this way until it spits you out the other side wondering where the hell that came from. I guess much like what happens to many a wannabe celeb in tinsel town. 

Taken in isolation ‘Jeremiah’ is another strong piece of work from this rapidly rising band. But to get a real feel for how well thought through it is, you need to listen to it as part of the EP. Offering darker themes to an otherwise agreeable indie-pop world. In the context of the EP ‘Jeremiah’ is the kid at school who listens to Nirvana when all the other kids are stuck on Ariana Grande and BTS. 

Jeremiah‘ and ‘Everything Present 1‘ are both available to download and stream now. Check out the brand new video for ‘Jeremiah’ now. 

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