Blue Kubricks Lead Us To The Dancefloor On Their New Infectious Indie-Pop Single ‘Comfortable Ride’

Slap on your glad rags, grab your drinks, and come with us on a journey through an extravagant indie-disco wormhole, opened by Blue Kubricks new tune ‘Comfortable Ride’. 

Blue Kubricks are back with new single ‘Comfortable Ride’

With elements of funk, soul, disco, and indie-pop, Blue Kubricks new tune ‘Comfortable Ride‘ is a thing of beauty. 

From the second the jangling guitars strike up, you’re hooked. Those disco tones come through, paired with stunning vocals to create a whirlwind of feel good, energetic sound

The great thing about ‘Comfortable Ride’ is, it’s such an about-face from the tones we heard on the Leeds-based outfit’s previous single ‘Latin‘. Where that delivered aggression and power under a flag punky angst. Here we have, still large helpings of power, but packaged in a more intoxicating way

‘Comfortable Ride’ is the first release of the band’s upcoming ‘Manuka – It’s All Honey’ EP (set for release in Feb 2022) which will aim to raise money and awareness for the Flora & Fauna International charity which helps protect endangered bees. 

So as an added benefit of listening to banging disco tunes like this, you can get that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re helping nature’s little men.

But more about the music because, although it’s different to  their previous single, there are similarities. Not least in the fact that the lads have, again, packed the tune to the rafters with sounds

From those bouncing introductory guitars the tune lifts off and glistens like the proverbial disco ball it is. The steady drum beat keeps the whole thing hammering along at a great pace, backing away and allowing it to shimmer in all the right places. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the tune, band member Jim Duah said:

This song was written when I was f***** and chucked by a girl in high school who then told me, two months later, she wanted to try again. It is not a nice feeling being treated like a yo-yo, ow no-no. I told her “I’m not your comfortable ride”. This song is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of and I need the world to hear it  

Jim Duah, blue kubricks

We’re not quite sure what that young lady was thinking… but her loss is our gain!

What is clear, however, on ‘Comfortable Ride’ is that Blue Kubricks are a band on the up. Just from the last two releases we can see that they’re able to turn their talented hands to most genres and put their own flex on it. 

With all that in mind it’s easy to see why they recently smashed a slot on the BBC Introducing stage at Tramlines Festival and Luka State had them in a support slot on their European tour. 

Certainly the sky’s the limit for Blue Kubricks. Now let’s shut up and let those indie-disco melodies wash over us again! 

Comfortable Ride‘ is available to stream and download now. 

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