The Great Leslie Investigate An Intriguing Indie-Rock Direction On New Single ‘You Lost Yourself’

Suffolk quartet The Great Leslie are back again with a new single, but this time they’ve come over all indie-rock. 

The Great Leslie return with a new single and a rockier tone

How to follow up the tracer missile of hooky indie-pop goodness that was their previous track ‘Everything From Last Night‘ was always going to be an interesting query for The Great Leslie.

Now we have their answer in the form of new single ‘You Lost Yourself. So what have we got? 

In truth, it’s something we didn’t quite expect. The Suffolk-based four-piece have decided to shed some of the indie-pop skin we saw in tracks like ‘That’s Alright‘ and ‘Out Of My Hands‘ in favour of a rockier sound, more akin to that of Panic! At The Disco et al. 

I should probably start by saying I think this tonal shift is a shrewd move from the lads. When you make a delicious indie-pop record like ‘Everything From Last Night’, which Radio X’s new music supremo John Kennedy called an “Instant hit” then following it up with more of the same can, more often than not, end up damaging the new tune. 

However, what we have in ‘You Lost Yourself’ is a more indie-rock focussed approach. While it comes in with playful poppy guitars, staggered drum beats, and lead-singer Ollie Trevers’ instantly recognisable light-hearted vocal, there is sterner stuff en route. Although, the track still manages to capture interest from note one, but then, The Great Leslie (TGL) have never struggled in that department. 

As you progress through the tune, the more those poppy tones are stripped away and the rockier underbelly shows through. Then, from 2:30 onwards, you’re plunged into indie-rock heaven

Soaring guitars and that infectious drum line set a stunning platform for Trevers’ vocals to glisten, bathed in completely new light.

Those who know about TGL will already be aware of the vocalist’s chops, but this is something else. Smashing into larger than life crescendos with gusto demonstrating powerful, Conor Mason-esque, control to dazzle and delight in equal measure.

I’m not sure where these rocky, dramatic, pipes have been in the past. But they’re simply gorgeous on this new record and more than welcome to wipe their feet and stay for dinner.  

Speaking about the slight change of tonal direction on the new track, Trevers said:

The development of ‘You Lost Yourself’ was quite a fluid one, though, like a few of  our other songs, it underwent a slight change in rhythm that really served the lead  guitar line, later written by Julien. Gradually the song became heavier and heavier,  but with the signature TGL backing vocals, it’s unmistakably one of our tracks.

ollie trever, the great leslie

‘You Lost Yourself’ is available to stream and download from today. 

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