‘Migraines’, Sickening Headache Or Raging Intro To New Glasgow Band?

The Kaves are the latest talent rolling off the Glaswegian indie music production line. Their debut single ‘Migraines’ is the perfect introduction to just what this impressive four-piece are all about.

The Kaves debut single ‘Migraines’ is out now

Glasgow’s indie musical chops have never been in question. Having produced sensational acts like Primal Scream, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Simple Minds among others there’s no denying there’s something in the water up there in the Dear Green Place.

And it looks like it’s at it again with The Kaves

The quartet’s debut single Migraines‘ is a stomping, yet heartfelt, introduction to their sound. With everything a decent indie tune needs, the new single comes at you all guns blazing. 

Gentle Circa Waves-esque tones welcome you into this unknown realm of Glaswegian toe-tappery.

Then come the raspy vocals which offer a weathered sound which give the tune a more established feel.

I think it’s important to highlight the vocals here. Because without them you feel as though the tune would have too much of a youthful sound. And nobody wants to hear about the plights of love and loss from a wet-behind-the-ears 18-year-old who’s first kiss came from their dog in their bedroom one cold December night – after which both youngster and dog were left looking at each other knowingly, as if to say, “let’s never speak of this again Fido“. 

Anyway, yeah, those incredible tones give ‘Migraines’ a much more grown-up vibe. The sort of sound you would expect to come from a well-weathered Glaswegian. 

Add to those tones a bouncing guitar line which soars through the chorus and drum beat which is impossible to ignore and you’ve got yourselves one hell of a debut. 

Migraines‘ is available everywhere now, so go get it!

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