The New Track From Conflict Hope ‘Calm Before The Storm’ Is A Celebration Of The Bass

Not since Interpol hit us with ‘Specialist’ have we heard a more impressive rock n roll bassline.

‘Calm Before The Storm’ is the raucous new single from Conflict Hope

Maaan… there’s something special happening on the indie scene up in Scotland at the moment.

We recently talked about the incredible new track from White Novels. But now we’re faced with an altogether different prospect, ‘Calm Before The Storm‘ by Conflict Hope. 

If you think the bass is often overlooked in indie-rock, then prepare to have you socks knocked so far off you’ll wish it was Christmas so you can crack open that new pack you’re nan always gets you. 

‘Calm Before The Storm’ is the debut single from rock trio, Conflict Hope, and what an intro it is! 

However, we have to say, never before has a song’s intro done less to prepare you for what’s about to happen. Whimsical whistling and bird song welcomes you to the world of Conflict Hope before all hell breaks loose. Calm before the storm indeed!

All too soon the whistling dissipates and first wave of rocky sound hits you like a freight train straight from bass guitar heaven. 

Relentless sound akin to harder Arctic Monkeys tracks like ‘A View From The Afternoon’ or ‘Brianstorm’ propel the tune forwards. Which, in itself, is no mean feat.

Often when new bands want to make a world of cacophonous sound like we’re faced with here, it can come off a little ‘noisy’ – for want of a better word. Generally the tracks lack direction and end up sounding like rock gravy – just a covering of thick sound. 

However, Conflict Hope have managed to miss that pothole altogether here. Slowing the track down to punch home the catchy chorus is a masterstroke. It provides a framework for the whole thing to rest on and it benefits as a result. 

One more thing, we’re sure ‘Calm Before The Storm’ is going to burn hot and bright in their live shows. The trio are supporting Cherry Red at Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh on 16 October. They also have a slot at Note in Glasgow on 11 November.

It has to be worth getting along to one of those gigs, if you’re in the area, and feeling the bass rattle your ribcage in real life. 

Calm Before The Storm‘ is available to stream and download now. Or listen below now. But you may want to invest in some sock weights first, or at least warn your nan about the increased festive footwear order.

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