Modern Indie-Pop Or A-Ha? Here’s Why I Think I’m Falling For The A.V. Club

Warrington’s hottest up-and-coming indie music property, The A.V. Club, are back again with another banging new single and we can’t get enough. 

The latest single ‘I Think I’m Fallin’ by The A.V. Club is dripping in 80s synth-pop influences

It’s becoming increasingly obvious why there’s such a furore gathering around The A.V. Club. Their latest singleI Think I’m Fallin‘ is another synth-drenched indie-pop belter which is laser-guided at the current zeitgeist. 

But, while ‘I Think I’m Fallin’ is so on trend, there’s also something just so 1984 about it! 

Effortlessly cool and incredibly easy to get on with, ‘I Think I’m Falling’ is probably the best we’ve heard from The A.V. Club. Following on from previous singles ‘Better Days‘ and ‘Mistakes‘ this latest tune looks set to propel the likeable quartet into the stratosphere. 

Although, if you’re a fan of the synth-wielding four-piece or you caught them supporting Vistas at EBGBs recently, then you’ll probably already be aware of ‘I Think I’m Fallin’. The track holds fan-favourite status in their current live setlist. 

Featuring their now trademark blend of surging basslines and elevated synth riffs, it’s easy to see why the tune goes down so well live.

But add into that modern, trendy soundscape a, sort of, A-Ha – ‘Take On Me’ esque drum beat and I don’t think we need to tell you any more about why we love it. 

However, while the track shimmers in 80s-like indie-pop splendour, it may come as a surprise that it was actually inspired from those feelings of anxiety you experience when discovering you have a deeper emotional connection to someone. Then comes the trepidation of wondering if they feel the same.

Away from that (potentially awkward) inspiration, the new track also offered fans the chance to hear more from new A.V. Club member Freya Hann as she lends her vocals to the tune. Hann’s harmonies, together with lead-singer, Joe are a thing of beauty. Delivering even more depth to the atmosphere. 

With a plethora of live shows coming up throughout the rest of 2021, don’t miss your chance to catch The A.V Club and check out why this new track is such a crowd pleaser. 

Watch the video for ‘I Think I’m Fallin’ below or download and stream it now.

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