White Novels New Single ‘California’ Is Here, Think Bears Den vs Sea Girls

Merging indie-folk tones with pop elements and a wickedly catchy hook. White Novels have created a monster with their new tune ‘California’.

‘California’ is the new single from White Novels

There’s an undeniable warmth to ‘California‘, the brand new track from White Novels. In that, almost sepia-toned, style bands like Bears Den have managed to craft. It’s the perfect winter warmer to ease you into the beauty of autumn. 

However, while there is beauty here, there’s also heartbreak.

Written from the experiences of songwriter Jack Bestow and his relationship with a Cali-girl while they both studied at the University of Edinburgh. Heartache came when he realised his dream girl actually had a boyfriend back home in the states too. 

But, don’t get confused, this doesn’t sound like a letter of lament to Bestow’s lost love.

Through stunning writing and upbeat arrangements the Scottish five-piece have turned the track from something which, on the face of it, would sound like a tough listen into a thing of uplifting beauty. 

Before you know what’s happened, the drums hit and the guitars sweep you up into the ether. Your lost in a world of heady sound, toe-tapping rhythms, and a chorus which refuses to budge from your temporal cortex. 

But it’s the elegant juxtaposition which is most pleasing here.

While you’re tapping your pen along to the beat, Bestow’s pouring his heart out on the page. ‘California’ rolls and creaks, pregnant with sombre tones while simultaneously reassuring you everything will be alright. I’m not sure if it’s trying to convince us or Jack, but either way we’re happy.

If you love yourself a bit of sombre Bears Den as well as some feel good Sea Girls, then I think this is the perfect compromise. 

California‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen below. 

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