Introducing Marketplace, Their New Single ‘Condensed Milk’ Is As Beautiful As It Is Stylish

‘Condensed Milk’ is the brand new tune from Marketplace. A patchwork quilt of different influences and sounds come together to create a shimmering indie-pop banger. 

‘Condensed Milk’ is the brand new tune from Hartlepool’s Marketplace – the band, not the community shopping area

Bringing together influences which span genres and timeframes, from the Mystery Jets through to Talking Heads, the latest tune from Marketplace shows what can happen when worlds collide. 

Condensed Milk‘ is the first tune from the band since signing with Monomyth Records, presenting something different both for the band and label. With Artio, Blue Kubricks, Venus Grrrls and Luka already on the Leeds-based company’s books, this five-piece offer a soundscape which is more entwined with indie-pop energy than that of their stablemates. 

On ‘Condensed Milk’ we have frontwoman Evie Rhodes addressing the complex mix of emotions she experienced when living away from home during her first year at uni. 

However, what we hear is an upbeat, shimmering indie-pop track which belies the melancholic nature of its inspiration. That is until you slow down and take in some of the haunting lyrics. “Feeling weak, and maybe I’ve been far too numb to speak” continues Rhodes in her stunningly Heather Baron-Gracie esque tone. Right there and then, you’re reminded of why the tune was created. 

While Rhodes’ stunning vocal and razor-sharp lyricism will, rightly, take the plaudits for this awesome tune. I feel the unsung hero on the track are those achingly beautiful guitars.

It may be because I’ve just had a baby and music (as well as any loud noise) has been off-limits for a little while, but guitars have never sounded so good. 

Although, I think even if you haven’t been on a self-imposed music ban, you’ll still find the glittering, quintessentially-indie sounding strings so easy to get on with. Kicking the tune off in fine fashion and punctuating every lift and roll perfectly throughout. 

Since 2017, Marketplace have been crafting this infectious sound. The Hartlepool-based quintet are now creating soundscapes which are so in vogue and we can’t wait to hear what else they have up their sleeve. 

Looks like the Monomyth gang have got another winner on their hands here.Condensed Milk‘ is available to stream and download now, or listen below. 

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