How ‘Scratch’ By Catty Cline Utilises Lockdown-Induced Introspective Lament To Create Sheer EP Beauty

Catty Cline gets introspective as she dances from girl punk to dream pop vibes on her new EP ‘Scratch’. 

Catty Cline’s debut solo EP ‘Scratch’ is coming soon

The rigours of lockdowns and curtailed life have forced us all into a space of personal reflection, whether we wanted it or not, over the the past couple of years.

But Kansas-based singer-songwriter Catty Cline has used those introspective feelings to work as the inspiration for her new EP ‘Scratch‘. 

Following on from successful periods with bands like Buckle Up Baby and Upkeep, Cline is now out on her own and putting more meat on the bones of her sound as an artist in her own right.

‘Scratch’, her debut EP set for release on 24 September, meanders sweetly through a range of soundscapes while keeping that central theme of self-examination in mind. 

Tones of dream pop swirl and fill the air on intoxicating, laid back tracks like ‘Try’. Whereas ‘If (Not Enough)’ and ‘Is This It For Me’ feature more neo-folk vibes.  

However, when you take in tracks like ‘Cheese’ and ‘Sweaty’ in isolation they come across with more of a psychedelic, alt-pop sound. Buried within those tunes are atmospheric notes which start making Cline seem like a female version of Eels. 

Although, to truly enjoy the stunning complete picture of ‘Scratch’ you have to listen to the whole thing from start to finish and just surrender to the music. Get lost in the overtones and appreciate the introspection

The last 18 months were an incredibly difficult time, which many of us exited hating another element of ourselves. However, Cline has managed to take that often poisonous self-reflective view and turn it into something genuinely beautiful. 

Make sure you experience ‘Scratch‘ when it drops on 24 September. Or pre-save it now

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