‘Ghosted My Therapist’ A Tune We Can All Dance To

Far from being another self-indulgent pop song from an entitled up and coming artist. ‘Ghosted My Therapist’ from Rachel Bochner is a witty and charming ear worm. 

‘Ghosted My Therapist’ is the new indie-pop tune by Rachel Bochner

Starting her musical career as an intern at a New York A&R company, Rachel Bochner quickly discovered her true passions lay in creating her own music. 

Just as quickly she’s here with ‘Ghosted My Therapist’ her eleventh single release. But we’re willing to go out on a limb and say it’s her best work yet. 

Through bouncing electronic sound and an indie-pop attitude, Bochner starts to radiate Lana Del Rey and Lorde vibes on this new tune. 

With talk of therapists coming in the track title there’s always a slight worry, right from the off, that the writing could get a little self-indulgent.

However, that never happens here. Instead Bochner’s rapier-sharp lyricism shines under the pressure. With everything from tongue-in-cheek rumour through to genuine moments of emotion, more than anything it’s just so damned relatable. 

Lyrics like “I have to say, at 24, I thought I’d know a little more than this” are super keen and will resonate with so many people at the moment. Back in my 20’s I thought I’d have it altogether, but now into my 30’s I still feel like I might get a handle on things in a couple of years. Maybe.

But we’re worried the track won’t get the traction it deserves. It’s always the case with smaller artists. If someone like, darling of the BBC, Griff released this track DJ’s up and down the nation would be lauding it a smash. 

Perfect lyricism, boppy indie-esque rhythm. What’s not to love?

‘Ghosted My Therapist’ is available to download and stream now. Give it a listen below. 

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