Triplejack’s Sinister Sounding Single ‘Chimes’ Is the Perfect Mess Of Influences

‘Chimes’ is the ominous sounding new track from Scottish rockers Triplejack and it’s one hell of a full package. 

Triplejack are back with their new single ‘Chimes’

Full of ominous messaging mixing with electronic vibrancy, Triplejack are a duo who are still finding how far they can take their renegade sound. 

‘Chimes’ is about listening to those inner warnings we all pretend we can’t hear when we think we’re on to something good, only to see it all crumble in front of our eyes.

But here’s hoping this dynamic duo aren’t listening to their own ‘Chimes’ as they genuinely might be on to something here.  

The swirling, atmospheric nature of this latest single is built out on top of that electronic sound which is so engaging. However, from that river of electro beats you suddenly start veering off into rapids made of 90s indie and even some 60s influences. 

There’s also a faint whiff of The Doors about the, almost, psychedelic way ‘Chimes’ rumbles into life. It may only be 2:43 long but, Christ, it packs a lot in!

Hat tips to funk and blues also start happening as the ominous sounding beast chugs to it’s all too abrubpt conclusion. 

In fact, the only negative we could offer about this track is the length. We get the “leave them wanted more” adage, but come on! We could easily stand another minute of that melancholic rumble. 

‘Chimes’ will be available to download and stream from 8 October. 

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