New Single ‘Fried Intellectuals’ By Pizza Crunch Describes Every Hipster You’ve Ever Met.

Glasgow’s Pizza Crunch are back with new single ‘Fried Intellectuals’. A new bouncing, hook laden slice of indie-rock which shines a light on life’s dickheads. And we’re big fans!

‘Fried Intellectuals’ is the new tune by Pizza Crunch

An ode to mixing with crowds of supposedly higher intelligence, Fried Intellectuals‘ is the brand new tune from Pizza Crunch

On the back of four singles which built into a crescendo of praise culminating in fond words and strong backing from the likes of BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio

Pizza Crunch have now released ‘Fried Intellectuals’ as their first single following signing on the dotted line for Disobedient Records

Looking at the new track, there’s an instant likeability to it. It’s flagship riff punctuates the sound throughout and offers real character which takes the tune beyond the average

Add into the equation driving percussion and a lofty vocal and it’s a thing of beauty. There’s so many things to appreciate about this track. From the indie-pop intro which gets you interested through to the builds where it starts baring some post-punk teeth. ‘Fried Intellectuals’ takes you on a journey, which actually sounds like a full-on fried intellectual thing to do. 

You can feel the good time sensors flicking and flaring in your brain with every symbol strike. 

Talking about the inspiration behind ‘Fried Intellectuals’, lead vocalist Ewan Hearns said

Lyrically, I took inspiration from the usual suspects. I tried to add in some more imagery than normal and liked the idea of attaching a noun to a person after listening to ‘She Looks Like Fun‘ by Arctic Monkeys. That’s where the giving ‘pointlessness a chance’ came from

Ewan Hearns, pizza crunch

What also makes this comeback tune so good is it’s nonsensical relatability.

We’ve all, either through bad luck or unfortunate design, had to spend time with the sort of characters outlined in the song.

You know the guys who talk you through that time some native Columbian artwork they saw in a discarded copy of the Metro inspired them. While quaffing a niche craft ale which you can see they’re drinking, not because they like it, but because it goes with their daft moustache. All the while you’re dying to call them out on the fact that this is probably the first art they’ve seen art which wasn’t scrawled on to the back of a public toilet door. 

Best not to associate with those guys. Or just ditch the conversation completely and get out of whatever converted warehouse you’re drinking in. 

Anyway, those guys aside, Fried Intellectuals‘ is available to stream and download now. Or take a listen below. 

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