Vansleep Complete Triumphant Return In 2021 With Huge Sounding New Single ‘Oceans’

Aberdeen’s native indie-rocker’s Vansleep have nailed their colours to the mast in 2021 with their brand new single ‘Oceans’ picking up where they left off in a successful 2020. 

Vansleep are back in 2021 with new single ‘Oceans’

We’re willing to bet most of us would not class 2020 as “successful”. In fact, the word we’d probably more likely use is “clusterfuck”. 

But Scottish rockers Vansleep will fall, very much, in the former of those two camps. Their debut EP ‘You Should Have Said Something‘ dropped, which included the intoxicating track ‘Stargazer‘ and we all fell madly in love – well we certainly did. 

But the turbulent days of 2020 are behind us and the boys are back in the studio. Their latest tune ‘Oceans’ is their first release of 2021 and it sounds like it could be huge. 

Coated in indie-rock attitude it swells into life with atmospheric sound which fills up your earphones as much as it would a muddy field in the middle of summer. 

Subdued verses build into a hook laden, anthemic chorus. Throughout the whole thing the vocals are a shining light, they bounce and roll with the track and stay above the cacophony like a beacon leading you through the fog. 

The relentless rock guitars and driving drums make this new single the perfect reintroduction to Vansleep. It’s a huge sounding tune which we think is laser-guided at a live audience.

Written about the feeling of getting lost in the idea of someone or something, only for it to turn out as a disappointment. We think ‘Oceans’ is the perfect metaphor for 2020. 

You won’t have to wait long to hear the new tune. It’s out on 23 September when it will be available to stream and download everywhere. Until then, though, you can catch the quartet trotting it out live throughout Scotland.

Following on from a successful slot supporting Gallus in Aberdeen, the lads are heading for a stripped back show in Edinburgh before more shows are set to be announced.

If you’re in the area make sure you check them out for a cheeky first listen. 

Or you could take our word for it – ‘Oceans’ is huge. 

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