How Do We Start Campaigning For Jack Hart’s New Single, ‘I Know It’, To Soundtrack The Kind Revolution

Jack Hart is back with his new single ‘I Know It’ a stunning, yet fragile, tune of shimmering beauty from this up and coming northern music powerhouse. 

Jack Hart’s new single ‘I Know It’ is available now

As we, rightly, move into a societal future built on acceptance and tolerance we’re going to need more talented people like Jack Hart in the world. 

Finding a way to express dark and angsty feelings through songs which feel energetic and bouncy seems to be a super niche talent of Hart’s. 

However, I know It‘ is a thing of genuine beauty. The Lancashire-born singer-songwriter showcases that enviable talent again to perfection as sharp, yet delicate, lyricism paints a vivid picture while the track bounces along. 

Jangling introductory guitars display a stunning indie-pop landscape in front of you as the track starts to find its way. Hart’s incredible vocal is somewhere between Richard Ashcroft and Frank Turner and works so perfectly with this song. 

The chorus is hooky af. Those jangling, atmospheric guitars elevate while the vocals track your journey. The line “I know it feels like disaster” reverberates around your brain and somehow just injects you with dopamine

Hart’s lyricism covers off topic areas like mental health and how they’ve overcome their internal struggles growing up gender bending in the, sometimes, unforgiving towns and cities of the north.

Having hailed from Stoke-on-Trent, we know only too well how difficult a job it must have been to come to terms with, and love, yourself while part of a community which probably isn’t used to seeing gender neutrality. 

However, away from the pointing and laughing, the shit jokes and hate disguised as “banter” Hart’s music can be the soundtrack to the kind revolution. Teach your kids to not be dicks and together, with tunes like ‘I Know It’, we can create a better future. One where differences are celebrated rather than pointed out and ridiculed. 

If you listen to one track this revolution, make it this one. 

I Know It‘ is available to download and stream now. Give it a listen below. 

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