Wrexham’s Jonny Ash Channel Their Inner Oasis On Thumping New Single ‘We Are The People’

Pulsating, energetic and spirited can all be used to summarise Jonny Ash’s ‘We Are The People’.

We’ve taken a look at the new single by Jonny Ash ‘We Are The People’

We Are The People‘ is an exciting release and the third of the year from the Wrexham-based indie-rockers. Following on from ‘Isolation Station’ which featured two songs recorded during lockdown and a demo recording of the popular ‘Lads Don’t Dance’.

There’s lots to like in this newest offering. Right from the start the extended intro pulls
you in and sets the tone as the band gears up.

Callum Gaughran’s vocals soar above the the atmospheric sound throughout the verses, which feature sharp lyricism following dynamic patterns. Venomous emphasis on the opening words and phrases delivers even more fuel injection.

But there’s no let up when the choruses land. They managing to keep pace with a deliciously catchy rhythm which fits in well with the rest of the song.

‘We Are The People’ flows smoothly between each section and feels supremely well-balanced and you can easily lose track of time when listening!

Although, what is obvious from listening to to the single is how the Jonny Ash lads have been influenced by bands like Oasis, with familiar and nostalgic tones burning away throughout the track.

In this sense the song may not push any boundaries, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a great track by a strong, up-and-coming band. Further releases should be eagerly awaited.

Jonny Ash’s ‘We Are The People‘ is available to download now. Listen to the song below.

By Ben Ainslie

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