The Second Single From Polker Is Festival-Ready, Air Thickening, Indie-Rock And We’re Here For It

‘Louder By The Sea’ is the new larger than life tune from Liverpudlian rockers Polker. 

‘Louder By The Sea’ is the brand new tune by Polker

“Man there’s something special about this lot…” I mutter to myself as I take in the new tune ‘Louder By The Sea‘ by Polker. I haven’t heard much from the North-West rockers in the past but this is one hell of an introduction.

Smothered in drama and atmospheric sound, ‘Louder By The Sea’ is just the second single from Polker. But they’re already smashing their flag into the indie-rock ground in the best way possible. 

Punchy percussion upweights, some pretty filthy guitars. There’s a vibe of The Music meets Soundgarden about these guys. Hard indie-rock delivered in such an elevated drifting fashion which fills your senses. 

‘Louder By The Sea’ is the sort of tune you could hear thickening the air at a festival alongside the smell of illicit ciggies, BBQs and lager.

It completely washes over you. That incessant rise and fall of rocky guitars and heady percussion driving a vocal which sits powerfully over the top of the cacophony. Guiding the whole thing like the figurehead on an old pirate ship. 

If you’re looking for some pure, thoroughbred, escapism this is the tune for you. Get it on loud, preferably on a sunny day with something cool to drink and illicit to toke (second element completely optional). 

After hearing ‘Louder By The Sea’ we’re intrigued to hear more from these scouse rockers. We could see another induction into our hall of underrated Liverpool bands at this rate.  

Louder By The Sea‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen below now. 

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