Karakana Come Over All Arctic Monkeys With Triumphant New Single ‘Lonely’

Karakana are back and there’s more than a touch of Alex Turner’s mob about their new single ‘Lonely’.

Karakana are back with their latest single ‘Lonely’.

Fresh off the back of a 2021 which brought electrifying moments like the release of acclaimed single ‘Misbehaving‘ and selling out their debut show at the Eiger Studios in Leeds. Karakana are looking to capitalise on that momentum with their new single ‘Lonely‘. 

If they’d managed to cram any more hooks into this new tune they’d never get through airport security again.

‘Lonely’ is a toe-tapping beast of an indie tune. With smatterings of early Arctic Monkeys and a chorus which sounds like Little Comets, it’s a joy to behold.

Dropping in with a riff reminiscent of ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, ‘Lonely’ has your mind from the second it starts. Punchy percussion and melodic guitars help it rattle along your frontal cortex and penetrate the part of the brain which holds that one tune in your mind all day. It’s probably got some daft Latin name like Medula Oblongatakeeplisteningtothistune. 

By the time you get to the chorus you’re already sold. But just when you thought it couldn’t get hookier it breaks and that line “Lonely, think you’re ever so lonely…” smashes in and the endorphins crest again. 

However, writing a tune like ‘Lonely’ hasn’t been plain sailing for the band. Karakana bassist Niall Deravairere tells us

Joe sat down towards the end of last year with the intention of writing a big indie tune. He struggled with it for most of the week and didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Then on the Friday when he was out the melody for Lonely came to him. He rushed home and the rest of the song fell into place.  He sent the rest of us the demo and now it’s one of our favourite tunes

Niall Deravairere, karakana

Lonely‘ is available now. To celebrate the launch on 21 August the quartet played a sold out show at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds. Which should go some way to telling you, it’s not just us who like the cut of this lot’s jib!

Listen to ‘Lonely’ below. 

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