Roo’s Debut Single ‘Glo’ Is a Haunting Tale Of Toxic Love

LA native, Roo, has announced her arrival on the indie-music scene with a delicious slice of stylish dark-pop. 

Roo’s debut single ‘Glo’ is an ode to toxic love

Debut singles don’t come much more assured than ‘Glo. The first single from Los Angeles’s singer-songwriter Roo. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, a profusion of coding skills, and internships at places like Google and NASA under her belt. It’s fair to say Roo is something of an unknown quality. 

Focusing her style on a dark-pop sound which blossoms under the propulsion of her R&B-esque vocal, the LA-based artist is delivering some stunning soundscapes in the infancy of her music journey. 

Written in the Angeles National Forest by the light of a headlamp. ‘Glo’ documents Roo’s struggles with navigating queer romance

Paradoxically dripping in black energy, ‘Glo’ is a stunningly beautiful introduction to this talented artist. Blending in sounds of electronica and haunting otherworldly vibes, Roo’s first track is assured and beautifully timed. 

Admittedly it won’t have you dancing around the room. But it will take over your brain like a dark-pop fog, intoxicating you with super-stylish soundscapes

It’s a debut which is bang on trend, inspired by a subject matter which continues to perplex many in the LGBTQ+ community. Give it a listen and switch your mind off for 2:52. 

Glo‘ is available to stream and download now

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