Chris Greig & The Merchants Follow Up Smash Single With 1975-Esque ‘Silent Disco’

The new single ‘Silent Disco’ by Glasgow’s Chris Greig & The Merchants is more indie-pop than rock, but it shimmers with all the class of Matty Healy’s eponymous boppers. 

‘Silent Disco’ is the brand new tune from Chris Greig & The Merchants

The past few years have been tarnished for most people. But, not if you’re Chris Greig & The Merchants. 

2019 saw them start to chip away at their own respective glass ceiling with festival appearances at huge shows like Kendall Calling, King Tut’s Summer Nights, and Ardrossan Sound on the Sand.

Following on from that stellar year they delivered the belting track ‘GLUE’ which gained airtime across TV and radio with Made in Chelsea, STV News, BBC Radio Scotland and Alternative Press all featuring it. 

However, we’re in the here and now with a brand new tune ‘Silent Disco and, as you can tell, it’s going to be no mean feat emulating the success of it predecessor. Like a little sibling desperately trying to live up to their elder’s achievements. 

But from listening to the track, we think it has everything it needs to garner more success

Chris Greig & The Merchants are looking to capitalise on their recent success

Written about the difficult task of trying to drag an introverted friend out of their shell. Which, we must admit, is a unique inspiration for an indie tune. 

Right from the off, though, the tune comes shimmering into life. Soaring guitars throw bursts of colour out on to a canvas of juddering, atmospheric percussion. Those elements then build and explode into a hook-laden chorus which sounds as though it’s purpose built to be screamed back at them by a jubilant crowd. 

The bridge sections of ‘Silent Disco’ screams 1975 to us.

Those jangling guitars take us straight back to first and second album ’75. Reminiscent of tracks like ‘Love Me’ and ‘Girls’. On this, however, they add even more good vibes to create a tune which feels like it’s smiling at you

With all those festivals already in the tank, we can’t wait to see this Glaswegian quartet back on the UK’s famous pastures, belting out tracks like this. Only, this time, we’re sure there’ll be double the crowd and plenty of tuneless renditions of the ‘Silent Disco’ chorus being belted back at the lads. 

Actually, we probably wont have to wait even that long for that particular experience. As Chris and his Merchants have a headline show pencilled in for 9 October at Broadcast, Glasgow. Get along if you’re in the area! 

For now, though, Silent Disco‘ is available to stream and download now. Check out the brand new video below 

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