Fierce Shook: Loud and angry punk from (just outside?) Dublin, Ireland

Rob Moore’s Fierce Shook bring a Fugazi inspired pure punk EP with enough shifts and changes to keep you on your toes.

Ben Wilcox looks at ‘Altogether’ the debut EP from Fierce Shook
I had the pleasure of checking out the debut EP ‘Altogether‘ from, Rob Moore’s new Dublin-based outfit, Fierce Shook.
It’s a classic, recorded-at-home-style, one man punk offering with plenty of bite and change ups to keep you intently listening. 
The quality is top notch for this kind of thing. This might just be me showing my age but, back in my day, a home recording was basically a sloppy, analog mess done on a Tascam four track; most likely with a tape that had been recorded on over and over again.
People either have a better time of it now, or I just never really knew what I was doing. Point is, tone-wise, this sounds great. Almost reaching that level where you wonder if it was professionally recorded or not.
Digging into the heart of this, I’m most impressed that this is all from one guy. If I’m able to diverge off on a rant for a moment. The trouble with music these days is that, for the most part, half the battle is finding people to make music with. It’s an uphill battle that most never overcome. And due to this a lot of good music just never gets made. So it’s very inspiring to sit down and listen to something that came from just one mind, from someone who had a song to share and said fuck it, I’ll do it myself.
It doesn’t get much more DIY than this. I hope that Moore is able to find some lads to perform this material live with! 
Shooting right down the centre of this EP is a great bass playing, guitar (with that right out of the box tone), and drums that while could be a bit louder, perform their function well.
The music is standard, yet made fresh with enough changes and progressions to keep listeners and audiences on their toes. Vocals sit low in the mix, and truthfully are somewhat hard to understand, but that could just be my American ears misinterpreting Moore’s Dublin accent.
By the way, is he really from Dublin, or just outside of Dublin? I could see where it would get annoying constantly having to explain that you were from “just outside” of Dublin; so much so that you’d eventually just start saying you were “from Dublin” for the ease of it.
Anyway, the vocals are perfectly fine though, and fit the overall sound well. So often vocals are really just too loud, I’d always rather them be too low than too loud. 
If I was to pinpoint anything negative here, I could really only point to the second track, which does seem to drag a bit towards the middle, but it’s all part of the journey, I suppose. 
I don’t personally have any kind of specific rating system, but I’d give this EP a “check it out, don’t skip any songs, just let it play”. If you like Fugazi at all, you’ll be into this. If you like home recordings, you’ll be into this. If you enjoy supporting relatively unknown artists, you’ll be into this. 
Fierce Shook is a great reminder that creativity is often the product of a single mind. Too often we miss out on material like this because it’s not being shoved down our throats amidst the backdrop of a perfectly tuned band of super cool looking musicians. Because of that, you won’t see a project like this gain much traction on it’s own, but this is truly music at it’s most fundamental.
A man, some instruments, an attic, and a desire to be heard. So check him out. Fierce Shook, I highly recommend
The EP ‘Altogether‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen to ‘Forgive and Forget’ from the record below now.

By Ben Wilcox

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