Myriam Adams – Mum & Dad – Single Review

Myriam Adams are back with another single. But this time it’s personal.

Myriam Adams are back with their latest single ‘Mum & Dad’

Lead singer Jacques Hete has called ‘Mum & Dad“the most beautiful song we’ve ever written” adding that the video made him cry.

But what did we think of this new tune from Warwickshire’s fastest growing band?

In short, it’s raw, emotional, and stunning

We got worried when we initially heard Myriam Adams’ next single would be an ode to one of the gang’s parents. When you consider the, sort of, devil-may-care abandon they’ve displayed so far on the ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness‘ EP and then the incredible follow-up single ‘LA‘. You’d be forgiven for thinking this might be a post-punk fuelled inter-family score-settler. But nothing could be further from the truth.

We expected Eminem levels of parental contempt however, we’re delighted to say, what we got was an affectionate, apologetic approach which shimmers with emotion

Hete wrote the tune about his parents, saying:

It’s an ode to my relationship with my parents. We are in a very happy place now, but it hasn’t always been that way. This is a song about mistakes, learning and love.

jacques hete, myriam adams

The first thing that strikes you about ‘Mum & Dad’ is the synth. Spreading out like a table-cloth of atmospheric sound before the tableware of soaring guitars and crashing symbols are layered on top. 

At this point we’d love to say Hete’s vocal sweeps in as the mouth-watering feast atop the laid table. But, for us, the element which deserves that main event plinth is the razor-sharp lyricism. It glistens in deliciously dark emo regret while tugging at your heartstrings throughout. 

Although, that’s not to say Hete’s vocal doesn’t have a starring role. He delivers the words expertly. Dropping out any punky vibes straight from the start, in favour of a more reverent emotive performance and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Now, if you’d excuse us, we’re going to call our parents and apologise for… everything. 

Mum & Dad‘ is available to download and stream now. Check out the video that made Hete cry below. 

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