Marlow – Blame It – Single Review

Marlow are back with yet another thumper of an indie-rock track 

‘Blame It’ is the 3rd single release from Marlow. Images by Samuel George Photography / Audiotrope

Marlow’s ‘Blame Itis an upbeat and dynamic release. Like many new indie songs, it has that familiar feel – but the Eastbourne indie-rockers do enough to make sure it isn’t forgotten.

There’s a lot going on in the band’s 3rd single which ensures it stands out from previous releases ‘Different Lives‘ and ‘Pasadena. Both have a slightly more restrained sound whereas ‘Blame It’ is more direct and bolder.

The energy and youthfulness of the band really shine through as they effortlessly blend together different styles.

What we really enjoyed when listening to the latest release was the development and build throughout the song.

‘Blame It’ starts in an understated fashion, with softer vocals and instruments creating a more airy and relaxed sound. But, come the end of the song, the howling lead vocal and pounding drums are a fittingly electric crescendo

It’s a song that would work great live with the repetition in the lyrics a perfect chance for a crowd to sing alone. Focussing in on the lyrics themselves for a second, the writing centres around how people tend to shift blame onto others at the end of relationships which is nicely contrasted by some of the warmer reminiscing lyrics which offer a more nostalgic feel.

Watch out for more to come from this exciting band.

Blame It‘ is available to download and stream now. Watch the brand new video below.

By Ben Ainslie

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