The Baltics – Homeless Kids/Character Arc – Single Review

Newcastle-upon-Tyne-based indie-rockers The Baltics are back with ‘Homeless Kids/Character Arc’ a rapier-like look at the rebellious nature of youth.

The Baltics are back with ‘Homeless Kids/Character Arc’ the first single off their debut EP ”Pine Lane’s Poster Boy’

Meet the latest band taking the North-Eastern indie scene by storm. The Baltics’ infectious indie-rock approach is garnering them fans across the country and it’s little wonder when you take a listen to their latest single. 

Homeless Kids/Character Arc‘ is the first tune to be released from their debut EP ‘Pine Lane’s Poster Boy’. It’s also seen them grab a headline slot at the Tynemouth Surf Cafe this November, a show which promises to introduce the trio to the wider zeitgeist in a big way. 

But on to the sound. 

The Baltics latest single is the first chance we’ve had to get a listen to them, and we’re liking what we hear. 

With a thumping heart made completely of indie-rock goodness ‘Homeless Kids/Character Arc’ is so easy to get on with. Rippling guitars, reminiscent of Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’, kick the tune into life and continue to deliver wave after wave of atmospheric sound throughout. 

Meanwhile clattering drums and smashing symbols add to the cacophony which sits just underneath Shay Bagnall’s distinctive vocal.

This might be a first single off the EP but there’s an audible assurance to the tune, which shines like a beacon when you listen to the lyricism and take in the underlying message.

Talking about the tune’s inspiration Bagnall said: 

This song is,  about one person watching someone they already know becoming rebellious and the way in  which that rebellious person feels the need to lie as they push back against what people  might expect them to be

shay bagnall, the baltics

Oftentimes we’ll run into an indie band who are just all about making the most noise and tearing it up. Whereas, here, we have a young band who’ve looked carefully, throughout their writing process, at the material around them and turned it into a razor-sharp take on society

Bagnall also said the song’s main lyric “now the homeless kids are running from home” was a well-informed nod to the reactions people have when they don’t feel as though they belong in the places they should feel most safe. 

Clever lyricism, catchy hooks, driving beats and strong vocals. What more could you want from an up and coming indie banger?

The greatest compliment we could pay ‘Homeless Kids/Character Arc’ is, it made us want to learn more about this Tyneside trio. You should too. 

BothHomeless Kids/Character Arc‘ and the EP ‘Pine Lane’s Poster Boy’ are available to stream and download now. Listen to the single below.

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