Weird Milk – Vienna – Single Review

London’s newest alt-rock sons Weird Milk are back with their latest single ‘Vienna’. A jangling indie-rock ode to those who help when all hope is lost.

Weird Milk return with their new single ‘Vienna’

Like Gandalf emerging from the east, many people in our lives help us through tough times. While we probably won’t have to battle a field of miscellaneous orcs and Uruk-hai, we may be enduring internal battles with some pretty vicious mental goblins. 

Clumsy metaphors aside, one of the most hotly tipped acts to come out of the capital in years are back with new music. 

Weird Milk’s new tune ‘Vienna‘ dropped on August 4. And it’s a jangling alternative thank you letter from vocalist Alex Griffiths to those who helped him when he was at his lowest. 

Speaking about the influence behind the track, Griffiths said: 

‘Vienna’ is a very personal release to me. It was written at a moment in my life where I reached a crossroads and was totally stuck. A few amazing individuals, whom I likened to ‘angels’, swooped into my life to guide me in my time of need. They left their impressions on me, I chose my path and then they each flew away. I’m grateful to this day and though I am not spiritual or religious, it reshaped my perception of fate. I worked on it with Charlie over lockdown and we finished the arrangement and music together, drawing inspiration from Wings, The Band and Phoebe Bridgers

Alex griffiths, weird milk

The tune itself is a complete delight to behold. From the acoustic guitar intro to the catchy hooks which come in with a clatter after the first drum strike. 

A wonderfully light chorus adds a totally different element to the tune and works as a balm against the indie onslaught of reverberating guitars and upbeat drums. With a Circa Waves-esque joviality to it ‘Vienna’ has your heart and mind from minute one

We also can’t seem to shake a whiff of The Beatles on this one. Not sure whether that’s coming from the tune or the psychedelic cover art though. 

Either way, It’s easy to see why the quintet have been able to score column inches and air time with a laundry list of revered industry names.

We’re talking NME, Gigwise, Clash, DIY and Paste. As well as coverage on Radio 1 & 6 Music with Annie Mac, Jack Saunders, and Steve Lamacq all declaring their love for Weird Milk (the band, not questionable dairy products.)

With all that acclaim and a plethora of live appearances at some pretty impressive venues and events *cough* 110 Above Festival *cough* Wilderness Festival *cough* Dot To Dot Festival, sorry, excuse us. 2021 is still shaping up like one hell of a year for the Weird Milk gang.

Vienna‘ is available to stream and download now. Or listen below now.

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