Rooskin – Eloise – Single Review

‘Eloise’ is the swirling, psych-driven, new tune from Rooskin giving us all the Tame Impala at the beach vibes.  

Artwork for 'Eloise' new single by Rooskin
‘Eloise’ is the brand new track by Southend band Rooskin

Fresh on the back of their debut EP ‘Honey Spells’, the Southend-on-Sea quintet are back with their latest single ‘Eloise‘ and it’s so summery that every download should come with a free cocktail and straw hat. 

Rooskin have been on a journey over the last few years. Although lockdown curtailed their plans for blowing up in 2021, they’ve come out swinging this summer with a belter of a psychedelic indie-surf track

Frontman Rob Humm said of their latest track: 

“‘Eloise’ is a tune all about summertime spontaneity. We started working on the track straight after releasing our debut EP ‘Honey Spells’, but then we were plunged into a lockdown waterboarding. Eventually we got to record in February 2021 and managed to get it ready in time for summer.

rob humm, rooskin

‘Eloise’ is dripping with summery vibes. The 80s-esque synth throughout punctuates layers atmospheric sound with glittering finesse. Meanwhile Humm’s vocal drifts along effortlessly over the top of the shimmering swirling soundscape like a leaf on the breeze. 

If you’re feeling a little stressed, this tune could be prescribed by doctors as an antidepressant. Everything about it is carefree and ambivalent.

Allow the miasma of synths and crashing symbols to wash over you like the Indian Ocean and drain away all your strains. Before you know it you’ll be on your back chilling with a big grin on your face – probably not one to have blaring out on the daily commute then… maybe wait until you get home to get your fix. 

Eloise‘ is available to stream and download now. But in the meantime, make sure you check out their top tracks below.

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