The Blams – Throwing Rocks – Single Review

A grunge tune on happy pills. ‘Throwing Rocks’ is the brand new single from The Blams and it reverberates with super cool energy. 

The Blams are back with their second single ‘Throwing Rocks’

If you’re looking for the next opportunity to turn your mates on to a super cool grunge-inspired London band then we give you The Blams

Throwing Rocks‘ is the brand new track from the London-based trio and it comes straight out of the grunge-revival play book. 

Following on from their, more melancholic, debut single ‘Never Knew’ this latest track wreaks of alt-rock attitude

Written about how smitten you can get when a new person comes into your life, the band believe ‘Throwing Rocks’ is a more upbeat version of their sound. Sonny from the band said of their latest offering: 

The song is ultimately about seeing the best in people, and being so infatuated by someone that you believe they can do anything, to the point of self-confessed naivity. A lot of people will correctly see the romantic side of this but that wasn’t exclusively what it was written about. Obviously there’s an element of love attached, but sometimes you even jusy make a new pal and think ‘wow, this mfer can do anything’. Truly believing in people can be such a raw experience, romantically or otherwise

sonny, The blams

There’s so much of Smashing Pumpkins about ‘Throwing Rocks’. We’re told the three-piece were listening to a lot of Billy Corgan’s mob while going through the creative process on the new tune. Having fallen into many a pumpkin-shaped listening hole in the past we’re so into this track. 

The meaty, dirty grind of the bass and quintessentially 90s post-punk beat is so reminiscent of the Chicago rockers. This thick soundscape then opens out into a stunning, hook-laden, guitar bridge section which takes over your body before joining back up with those treacle-like grunge elements again. 

Deep, almost maligned, vocals layer even more texture on to the track. Honestly, there’s nobody out there stringing sounds like this together a couple of tunes into their journey as a band. It’s no wonder they’ve already bagged support slots for San Quentin at their September Southend show.

What The Blams are doing is so exciting and we hope to god it’s the sound of the future as far as their concerned. 

Throwing Rocks‘ is available to stream and download now

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