4 New Liverpool Indie Bands To Tell Your Mates About

We’ll tell you all about four Liverpool bands you need to have on your radar to impress your mates

Get you pens ready we’re about to let you in on four secrets

We’ve all been there, you play your mate some new tune you’re really digging by a fresh new band in the hope they’ll start thinking of you as the new music guru in the group.

But then their eyes glaze over and you can tell their not listening any more. 

Well we’ve curated a list of four bands we personally guarantee will cement you as the John Kennedy of the squad

So who are these bands?

4 Of The Best

  • Honey Motel
  • More In Luv
  • The Banshees
  • Idle Lies

A reputation to uphold

The La’s, The Wombats, The Coral, Echo & The Bunnymen, Cast, The Beatles… it’s fair to say Liverpool is a powerhouse of the indie music scene. But what have they done for us lately, right?

Well we believe the region is on the crest of an indie wave once again and this recent clutch of incredible bands will be at the forefront of the movement. So, this is your chance to get your recommendations in to your mates now. That way, when these four break, you’ll look proper boss la! 

So let’s tell you everything you need to know to truly wow your chums with your new musical knowledge. We’ll also chuck in a tune recommendation for you to ensure you keep their attention. 

Liverpool is one of the indie music powerhouses in the UK

Honey Motel 

Since the start of 2021 Honey Motel have signed a record deal with the big boys at Foundry Records and given us four big tunes to announce their arrival on the Liverpool indie scene in fine fettle. Our personal favourite is ‘Morning Affairs‘. 

If you know your mate’s a sucker for a bit of hefty synth work, then these are the boys for them. With bouncing indie-pop boppery their second language, Honey Motel are set to be huge in 2021.

Check out the video to their latest tune ‘Milk & Honey’. 

More In Luv 

Now, if that wasn’t enough synth, we turn to More In Luv. Perfect for those 1975 lovers out there. We know Matty Healy’s mob are from Manchester but, come on, it’s all love right? Sorry, Luv.

The More In Luv lads dropped their debut EP ‘Local Celebrities’ back in the autumn of 2020, and they’ve been feeding us juicy synth-laden bops ever since. Most recently, singles such as ‘Like You‘ and ‘Someone Else‘ have been punching above their weight and landed the quartet headline slots at venues like Jimmy’s no less. 

We first heard ‘Someone Else‘ back in March and honestly it’s lived in our heads rent free ever since. Which is why it’s our More In Luv tune recommendation for your mates.

The Banshees

Now the astute amongst you may have heard of Vinny Pereira and Paul Holligan, but remember we’re not talking to you here. For those who don’t know Pereira and Holligan make up The Banshees, after supporting the likes of Noel Gallagher and The Bluetones the pair decided to get it together and start creating their own musical magic. 

As a result The Banshees were born and now’s the time to jump on their bandwagon as we’re sure more success awaits. With bags of clout the duo are hard at work creating jangling tunes which throwback to the best sounds of the 70s and 80s with Pereira’s vocal merging in present day Julian Casablancas vibes. 

Tell you mates about ‘Point Of You honestly you won’t regret it. Neither will they. 

Idle Lies

We finish off our quartet of scouse ones to watch with Idle Lies. If you’re a fan of The Coral, who’re we kidding, you’re from Liverpool – of course you’re a Coral fan. But if your mates are into a bit of James Skelly’s mob then we think Idle Lies will slip nicely into their listening niche. 

Belting out indie tunes with jangly, soaring guitars and plenty of percussive punch, Idle Lies have seen their stock rise exponentially recently. But working with Pete Maher certainly won’t harm the reputation of a young band.  

No video yet, but you’ll get everything you need to know about this awesome quintet’s sound from their latest track ‘Two’s A Crowd‘. 

Whaddya think?

So, there you have it, our guide to wowing your mates with your knowledge of the Merseyside new music movers and shakers

We guarantee, if you pull these bands out, there won’t be a glazed eye in the house. But if they don’t like the tunes, just remember, music is subjective. Not liking them doesn’t make your mates wrong. It does, however, make them thick. 

Let us know in the comments if you’re on to any other scouse bands we haven’t mentioned. We promise we won’t glaze over. Or tell us over on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, yeah, we’re everywhere.

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