The Great Leslie – Everything From Last Night – Single Review

The latest release ‘Everything From Last Night’ by The Great Leslie is, in our humble opinion, their best offering to date.

The Great Leslie - Everything From Last Night single artwork
The Great Leslie – ‘Everything From Last Night’

Having covered two previous tracks from Suffolk’s The Great Leslie, ‘That’s Alright‘ and ‘Out Of My Hands‘, we think we’re well qualified to proclaim their latest single ‘Everything From Last Night’ is their best yet.

In the past we’ve compared them to industry staples like Panic! At The Disco, The Snuts and even Maroon 5! But this talented quartet seem to be moving past the realms of crude comparisons. Having said that we think fans of the, dearly departed, Maccabees might have a new favourite band here

Rippling with catchy hooks ‘Everything From Last’ is a breathless indie-rock stomper. From the second it starts you’re helpless to resist.

Clattering symbols, unmistakably alternative guitars, and a wonderfully Orlando Weeks-esque vocal from frontman Ollie Trevers come together to create a swirling throng of incredibly uplifting sonics

Written about those days on a group holiday where the only recollections you have from the previous evening come to you from, less than flattering, images on your camera roll. 

Trevers has spoken about the idea behind the tune and how it all came together:

Everything From Last Night is all about my holidays with my  brother in Mexico. I wrote it with summer in mind, as I wanted to create a conduit  between the audience and their happy memories of a carefree existence, particularly as a  carefree existence is the antithesis of everything we have experienced over this past year  or so. It talks about holiday romances, drinking and partying too much. It’s born of  happiness and joy, which are feelings I very rarely focus on when writing. The rhythm of the song changed once we worked on it together as a band, but the feel  of the tune remained consistent throughout the development process. Playing the song  with the band really brought it to life and put a far rockier spin on it, pushing the indie  aspects of our sound to the forefront.

ollie trevers, the great leslie

Most would find it impossible to write a bouncing bombastic, yet genuine, tune about this traumatic scenario without it turning cheap or tacky. But that’s what makes ‘Everything From Last Night’ and, indeed, the band themselves so impressive. 

They’ve taken the lemons of life and turned them into a rager of a tune. A feat made all the more profound when you discover the band have only been together a for little over a year.

It’s easy to see why industry stalwarts like Radio X’s king of new music John Kennedy, Janice Long on BBC Wales, Amazing Radio, XS Manchester and even Kerrang! Radio have already given The Great Leslie coveted airtime. That recent coverage culminated in Kennedy himself labelling this latest release as an “instant hit”

‘Everything From Last Night’ is due to drop 20 August. So, for now, you’ll have to take our word for it… you’re gonna love it.

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