Mega Happy – Have You Seen Her – Single Review

With a headline show at the Hyde Park Book Club, a sold out appearance at Rough Trade, Nottingham and a debut album on the way, Mega Happy are heading places. But what did we make of their latest single ‘Have You Seen Her’?

Artwork for Mega Happy’s latest tune ‘Have You Seen Her’

2021 might have been grim for most , so far. But the Leeds-based dynamic duo Mega Happy are, well… mega happy with how it’s turning out for them. Pardon the crude, one dimensional wordplay. 

They’ve forever been a staple of the gigging universe in the north, but now the twosome are taking it on the road and heading south. With a truck of new tunes, including their latest single ‘Have You Seen Her‘. 

We previously took a look at the duo when we reviewed their previous single ‘Honey Pie‘. But this is different, because this is the first release off their debut album ‘Please Don’t Be My Dreams’.

‘Have You Seen Her’ is an uplifting tune dripping in romanticism and a good helping of synths, for good measure. 

At the beginning you’re greeted with solo, stripped vocals leaving the tune’s direction completely up in the air. However, when it kicks in you’re pleasantly surprised to hear it take a light and summery turn. 

Shimmering guitars and paired back drums paint a mellow, almost indie-folk, background to the tune. With the addition of one of the most catchy choruses of the year ‘Have You Seen Her’ is a perfect introduction to new Mega Happy fans.  

Talking about the track and how he thinks it shapes their future as a band Austin O’Neill said:

Having written Have You Seen Her quite a while ago, I’m excited it’s finally getting out into the World. We’re really proud of it as we feel it takes us to a new level artistically and sonically, allowing us to drill down into a distinct musical vision. It really sets the stage for an exciting new era for us as a band

Austin o’neill, mega happy

This new release is so targeted at summer love and adventures it’s practically heat-seeking. One thing we do know is, it’s extremely clever

Bringing out a tune like this now is indicative of O’Neill’s thoughts. It shows the duo are evolving and thinking about what they’re doing sonically. Releasing a glistening indie-pop bop-a-long as the intro to the album for new fans will only encourage more ears to pick up the headphones.

We can hear ‘Have You Seen Her’ ringing out around the Suffolk hills at Latitude or, dare we say it, the hallowed pastures of Worthy Farm in the height of summer. It may be a little late in the day for all that now, but next year, the world could be their oyster

The only thing we’re not sure about with this whole release is the artwork. Honestly lads, it’s horrifying. Sorry if it’s your nan in her pomp or something. But the blur hasn’t been kind at all and, if we’re honest, I think it will haunt our dreams. 

That said, Have You Seen Her‘ is available to stream and download now so check it out. Listen to the tune first below. 

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