Sour Punch – Round Two – Single

Sour Punch are back with their latest tune ‘Round Two’ and it’s another bouncing indie-rock anthem which refuses to be ignored.

Seconds out, time for ‘Round Two’ from Sour Punch

Fittingly, ‘Round Two‘ is our second look at Sour Punch. We also covered their previous single ‘Run’ earlier in the year. And we liked what we heard then, we like it even more now

There’s something quite ‘C’est La Vie’ by Stereophonics about the Manchester trio’s latest offering. 

The punky overtones of ‘Run‘ are present again on ‘Round Two’ as it comes swinging into life through a whirlwind of jangling guitars and thumping percussion

That cacophonous sound picks you up and drags you by the collar through the tune. Tom Llywarch’s, slightly lighter, vocal is the perfect balm against the clattering symbols. 

Much the same as it’s predecessor, this single seems laser-guided at the live audience. From a musical perspective, it seems to hit every corner in terms of a live indie-rock anthem. Through that bouncing beat, soaring guitars, epic builds and ecstatic releases it hits all the right notes. 

But it also hits the live music mark from a lyrical and messaging standpoint too. Seemingly written about an estranged couple who want to give it another go, possibly against respective friendship group’s wishes. It’s a storyline we’ve all lived through and find just as immersive from any perspective

One of the things we like so much about Sour Punch is the fun they have making music. You can hear it through every note of every song. Each time a string is twanged or symbol smashed the smiles from the band are audible. You can tell they’re doing what they love

Round Two‘ is available to download and stream now. Listen below. 

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