Pink Elefants – Sinderella – Single Review

Don’t let the name of this song mislead you. The change from ‘C’ to ‘S’ in Pink Elefant’s ‘Sinderella’ tells you that this isn’t going to be a fairy-tale. 

Pink Elefants new single ‘Sinderella’ is out now, but the video’s no fairy tale

Listening to this song the first thing that really stood out were the lyrics. There’s a subtlety and depth to them and they explore the struggles of persevering through hard times.

The singer’s point of view is refreshing, looking from the outside and expressing his feelings towards the subject of the tune. 

Lyrically, Sinderella‘ is hopeful but not overbearing, which ensures the track retains its sincerity. That balance of having smooth lyrics to listen to, while simultaneously retaining their meaning is hard.

But the Pink Elefants gang have managed to crack it. There’s also a potency to the writing, but its never in danger of overwhelming the gentle pace of the song.

The mixture of sounds, mainly elements of hip-hop and melancholic pop, combine well to create a flowing ambiance throughout the tune.

Operating in the mid-ground between genres is a common sound with Pink Elefant’s. Now, with ‘Sinderella’ they’re really showcasing their wide musical talent. No wonder, then, that the duo have managed to rack up over 1 million streams so far. 

There’s a lot to enjoy with this latest release. It feels very controlled and finds a perfect harmony throughout. Carrying with it a simplicity which allows you to focus more on the meaningful lyrics and creative soundscape. 

Sinderella‘ is available to stream or download now. Or check out the gruesome video below. Warning, this horror movie-inspired video is not for the faint-hearted. 

By Ben Ainslie

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