The Banshees – 4am – Single Review

The Banshees are taking us back to the 90s with this twisted alternative indie-dance tune. And we’re here for it. 

The Banshees’ latest tune ‘4am’ is available now

Following on from previous single ‘Point Of You’ and the miasma of acclaim that brought, Liverpool duo The Banshees are back with their next offering ‘4am

A bouncing mirror-ball of a track, reflecting light and affirming 90s vibes wherever it goes. ‘4am’ will drag you kicking and screaming back to the club scene

And let’s face, who doesn’t want a bit of nostalgia nowadays? Looking back on a time when Corona was a barely an accessible beer, never mind something which could decimate your family. 

From the second you press play on ‘4am’ you’re sucked into this incredible world of hammering beats, rising synths and flashing colours. If The Coral got entrenched in the rave scene we think this is what their self-titled debut record would’ve sounded like. 

Allow your mind to get swept away in the wave of driving beats. Vinny Pereira’s vocal acts as your anchor through the heaving mass of sound. Holding your hand through an experience, like when you’re gone far too hard at the pre-drinks and now your mates are just guiding you through the rest of your night. But all you can see are colours and spirals. 

All that iconography, though, would have you believe ‘4am’ is devoid of subtlety and thought. But nothing could be further from he truth. It may slap like an overactive, adolescent mule, but there’s also nuance and rapier-like lyricism in there too. 

The dynamic duo have come up with another beaut here. The perfect sound track to your Friday night pre-drinks – just don’t go too hard, yeah?!

4am‘ is available to download and stream now. Check out the video below. 

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