Katie Wood – Enemies To Friends – Single Review

We bet when you think of Essex the last thing that comes to mind is goth-pop. Well, Essex native, Katie Wood is about to change all that with her latest tune ‘Enemies To Friends’.

Katie Wood’ new single ‘Enemies To Friends’ is available now

The fourth tune from Katie Wood, Enemies To Friends‘ is dripping in pop culture references and influences. Inspired by Buffy The Vampire Slayer and infused with all the 80s synth pop vibes, it’s a true work of art. 

Wood’s alternative, androgynous image makes this track all the more interesting. It’s the epitome of not judging a book by its cover. 

If you’re a regular reader of SUR then, firstly, you have immaculate taste and secondly, you’ll know we love ourselves a bit of dark pop. Whether you’re hitting the harder notes of Artio or dipping your toe in the synth-laden section with Woods, it’s such an inspiring sub-genre at the moment. 

But let’s get into the tune. The super talented Essex singer-songwriter has previously hit us with tunes like ‘Uh Huh Yeah’, ‘Steve’, and ‘Where Have You Been’. All of which have added stable foundation to an already pretty entertaining base. 

Now, ‘Enemies To Friends’ has come in and swept us off our feet. Giving us all the vibes, from Pale Waves and Haim to The Cure and New Order, it echoes into life with reverberating synths creating a super nostalgic environment.

Wood’s superb vocal then comes through and layers a veil of romance over the atmosphere, before understated guitars and ricochet drums provide more drama

The whole thing shimmers in it’s catergorisation of goth-pop. There’s so many vibes, connotations and influences to get down in words, so all we’ll say is… it made us smile. 

Talking about ‘Enemies To Friends’, and the world of influences behind it, Wood said: 

I saw a resemblance in relationships I’ve had to Buffy and Spike’s [of Buffy the Vampire Slayer]. Their love is complicated, and it’s never easy. There is undeniable chemistry that I wanted to capture in the music. By no means am I romanticising the violence in their relationship, however, there’s just something about them together. When it’s good, it’s hot

Katie wood

A perfectly descriptive five words for this tune to end on: “when it’s good, it’s hot!” Goodnight. 

Enemies To Friends‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen below now.

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