Fruitz – Be Like This – Single Review

‘Be Like This’ is the new release we’ve all been waiting for from Dublin indie-rock trio Fruitz

Fruitz are back with another indie-rock banger

When Fruitz’ last single ‘Daydream’ dropped last year the interest in them reached fever pitch. That tune followed on from previous releases ‘KNOTZ’, ‘U & I’ and ‘Girl Around The Corner’ which all resulted in a support slot alongside The K’s on their upcoming tour. Plus headline slots of their own at iconic venues like Liverpool’s Zanzibar Club and Gullivers’ in Manchester. 

However, since ‘Daydream’ the airwaves have been awfully Fruitz-less, up until now that is. 

The trio have broken their silence and hit the ground running on a busy 2021 with brand new single Be Like This‘ which is the first release off an upcoming debut EP ‘The Pits And The Glamour’

We know there will, rightly, be a lot of hype surrounding this much-anticipated debut record. But when you listen to tracks like ‘Be Like This’ you can tell it’s not going to disappoint. 

The latest track is a glowing, effervescent, indie-rock banger. James Keegan’s vocals shimmer above a swirling mass of cinematic sound. Jangling, atmospheric guitars count you into the tune alongside a thumping beat which has your heart instantly fluttering. 

As it builds so do your expectations, then it crashes like a super-satisfying wave of accomplished sound.

Honestly, if we didn’t know the backstory and you told us ‘Be Like This’ was the new tune off their fourth album, ahead of a European tour, we’d believe you.

Keegan’s vocal is instantly recognisable while the other members of the trio Jacqueline Campion and Adam Whelehan provide a stellar platform for him to shine. 

But we’ll leave the last word on this one for Keegan himself who said of the new tune

It’s my favourite song we’ve done, I feel like it has all the ingredients to be an indie anthem

James Keegan, Fruitz

We couldn’t agree more James. Watch out for these three. Get tickets to The K’s tour if you can and check them out in September

Be Like This‘ is available to download and stream now. Listen below. Another exciting announcement is their next single ‘Set The Motion’ drops on 20 August. 

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