Jessica Luise – Going In Blind – EP Review

After listening to this beautifully balanced EP, it’s hard to believe that Jessica Luise’s ‘Going In Blind’ is a debut offering.

Jessica Luise’s debut EP ‘Going In Blind’ is available now

Going In Blindis a diverse and promising release.

Filling an EP with enough variety, while simultaneously trying to showcase your sound is a difficult task. However, Jessica Luise has done well to pack her debut record with a group of tracks that display different styles but marry together beautifully.

The EP starts with the previously released single ‘A.m’. An ambient start that has a little bit for everyone. At times it’s very delicate, with raw lyrics but also has a bright and catchy chorus making it a really well balanced and fitting start to the EP. ‘A.m.’ is not the only display of Luise’s strong lyrical work, with the whole record demonstrating her ability to write emotionally fuelled lyrics which form little stories throughout each tune.

‘Stargaze’ picks up nicely from ‘A.m.’ It’s livelier and more driven, delivering a nice burst of energy. An appropriate addition for the track list as it was one of the first songs Luise wrote, allowing for lots of development and progression for it to blossom into the song it is now.

Organic flow in an EP can be hard to generate but ‘Going In Blind’ has a natural rhythm to it which continues on ‘Three Steps Forward’. Yet again, it’s another energetic and bright song showcasing Luise’s meaningful lyrics at its core. The Manchester-based singer-songwriter credits this song to her parents with the lyrics being interspersed with elements of parental advice.

‘Bedroom’ is a delicate song, acting as a step-down from the previous tracks, with its gentle tones it brings a comforting finish to the EP. After some of the more produced songs it’s an important reminder of how good Luise can be, stripped back, with only her voice and a guitar.

For a debut EP, ‘Going In Blind’, has a lot to like. There is an overall control and balance to the songs/structure. Something we personally enjoyed was how it flowed like decadent melted chocolate. Oftentimes flow is left for albums, while EPs end up being just a mixture of songs. However, the extra attention to make ‘Going In Blind’ made it easy (and super enjoyable) listening.

A fantastic debut EP release, which leaves you wanting more

Jessica Luise’s ‘Going In Blind‘ is out now. Check out the video for ‘A.m.’ below.

By Ben Ainslie

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