Cat Una – Temporary Blues – Single Review

Welcome to the incredibly powerful, yet stunningly relaxed world of Cat Una. ‘Temporary Blues’ is her new single and our latest opportunity to head back into the magical forest with her. 

Cat Una’s latest track ‘Temporary Blues’ is available now

There’s always an ethereal beauty to the sounds which emanate from Cat Una. As if her tracks have been arranged by magic forest imps. 

Now we have another stunningly emotive track to add to the collection. Her latest single Temporary Blues‘ was written about the scourge of lockdown. But in a novel, hot take, kinda way she’s been able to look back at the COVID isolation many of us had to endure with love-hate specs on. 

‘Temporary Blues’ through all its emotive beauty addresses the inevitable melancholy attached to the age of quarantine we’re living through. However, she’s also been able to draw attention the specks of good times and, dare we say, happiness some found in lockdown

Cat Una, as a collective, have come out of isolation with a new band member too. Drummer Jack Clayton has joined the ranks and we’re super-stoked to see what other dimension he can provide to the usually paired back approach taken by the band. 

We’ve had our first glimpse of Clayton’s influence on ‘Temporary Blues’. Of course, as ever, Cat’s sensational voice is the star of the piece. Although, the addition of atmospheric drums and suggestive guitars creates an incredible, soothing aura for the vocal to sit in. 

Talking about the, seemingly dour, inspiration behind the new track Cat said:  

Temporary Blues speaks to the journey of learning to navigate the sludgy states we get ourselves into by trying to control everything and the importance of being malleable and trusting the process. There’s a line in it which feels like an ode to witnessing the seasons changing in slow motion for what seemed like the first time in my life


Whether you agree with being able to take the positives out of 18 months of isolation or not, you can’t argue with the stellar quality Cat Una possesses

Let ‘Temporary Blues’ be the yardstick whereby we measure everything they do from here in. Good luck gang! 

Temporary Blues‘ is available to download and stream now. 

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