Hypothetics – 351 – Single Review

In typical modern-Bristolian fashion, Hypothetics’ new single ‘351’ blends a miasma of different vibes and genres into one super-chic indie mix. 

We’ve had a sneak peek at Hypothetics new tune ‘351’

Introducing new styles is always a challenge but in Hypothetics’ ‘351’ the band have managed to fuse their more familiar punk sound with some hip-hop elements. Blending the styles together smoothly to create an enjoyable laid-back tune.

For a band who are still in the early stages of their career the release of 351′ shows that there is a lot to be excited about. The band have shown their determination to not just be ‘another band’ with this song really highlighting their innovation.

If you’ve listened to Hypothetics before then you’ll notice the difference immediately.

The more hip-hop influenced verses are subtler with the vocals taking the priority. During those builds the instruments have been stripped back so that they don’t overpower the vocals and provide a very gentle, late night, ambiance.

The chorus may be a contrast, but the transition into/out of them is very smooth. The energy of ‘351′ is stepped up as the band moves into more familiar territory with a more hard-hitting sounds coming to the forefront.

Following the final chorus, a strong instrumental outro is the perfect climax. Maintaining the energy that has been building throughout the tune.

The blend of styles Hypothetics have gone for is not easy one to pull off. Generally the sounds are quite contrasting but, in ‘351′, the band’s attention to detail has really helped bring it together. 

Whatever this mob’s next release is, experimental or not, there is reason to be excited!

Hypothetics’ ‘351’ is out 6th August.

By Ben Ainslie

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