Forgetting The Future – Lepricon – Single Review

‘Lepricon’ is the new single from Scottish indie-rockers Forgetting The Future. But there’s no mythical beasts here, there’s a pretty strong indie tune though. 

‘Lepricon’ by Forgetting The Future is available now

Northern-Scottish indie-rockers Forgetting The Future have been having it pretty good recently, global pandemic aside, of course. 

After smashing through 130k Spotify streams on their previous single ‘Cherry’ and snapping up support slots for the likes of Sam Fender and Baby Strange. The tartan quartet have now collaborated with InTime Records super-producer Ken Allardyce to create another belter in ‘Lepricon‘. 

Allardyce is able to count the likes of Weezer, Madonna, Supertramp, Goo Goo Dolls and now, Forgetting The Future as clients. 

Written by frontman Robbie McNicol about the pain of going through a break-up on the cusp of heading off to uni. You get the emotion in the song but it’s delivered in such a stunningly rock ‘n’ roll way

‘Lepricon’ is completely irresistible. Oozing super-chic moody personality through a cacophony of unadulterated indie-rock which washes over you and refuses to be ignored.

If this tune were a kid on the playground it would definitely be the guy smoking behind the bike sheds in the latest jacket with his big brother’s sunglasses on. Probably swears at the teacher every now and then for a chuckle, dripping in mates and wannabe partners. 

McNicol’s vocal is the right side of Liam Gallagher without ever becoming trite. His stunning performance sits alongside a wonderful wall of cinematic sound

Jangling guitars layer more complexity on top of the gun blast percussion which just won’t take no for an answer. We can already tell this is going to absolutely slap when the lads play it live.  

Treat yourself to a good, old-fashioned piece of girthy indie-rock. 

Download and stream ‘Lepricon‘ now. Watch the official video below. 

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