The Rotanas – Get The Call – Single Review

Listening to The Rotanas’ Get the Call it is very hard not to smile and enjoy this bright and lively song.

The band seem to be flourishing with their latest release and their new 5-piece set-up. The newest member, Aaron Tormey, has had an instant impact with his creativity taking charge in the writing of this song.

Right from the off the instruments bring that brightness as they drive you through ‘Get the Call. The intro pulls you in, with different elements being introduced immersing you in the song’s soundscape

Harry Watton’s airy vocals fit perfectly with the lighter sound of the song and the repeated lyrics help Get the Call’ sound like a song you know well, even if you’ve just listened to it a few times.

The smooth transitions between different sections create a natural and free flowing feel. All of this leads to the track owning a very colourful and relaxed vibe. It’s definitely a song for the summer with its bright and familiar tones. 

There is a simplicity here, but it feels well-produced and there’s a lot of attention to detail in every element. Personally, I think the simplicity works as a light song like this doesn’t need to push creative boundaries. It needs to be easy to listen to and enjoyable and ‘Get the Call’ certainly does that.

This is a brilliant timely release by the Cardiff-based band that deserves to be played repeatedly over these summer months!

The Rotanas’ ‘Get the Call‘ is out now via Disobedient Records.

By Ben Ainslie

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