Elephant Lungs – Superdrugs – EP Review

Allow us to introduce you to dance music to cry to. ‘Superdrugs’ is the brand new EP from Canadian-born Elephant Lungs. 

Elephant Lungs new EP ‘Superdrugs’ is available on 30 August

Jamieson Muir, better known as Elephant Lungs, has a brand new EP ‘Superdrugs‘ dropping at the end of August and we’ve had a cheeky early listen. 

Now, we feel like we have to be completely honest with you, that “dance music to cry to” line was not ours – more’s the pity. It was, in fact, how Muir himself describes the sound of Elephant Lungs latest record. 

But the sentiment stands, ‘Superdrugs’ introduced us to Elephant Lungs’ unique spin on alt-indie music. If Foals, Tears For Fears and the choppy sounds of J Dilla had an illegitimate child it would sound like Elephant Lungs

That may sound like a confused mess of a record. But it works! 

‘Superdrugs’ slides easily from one dreamy, synth-laden, atmospheric alt-indie tune to the next. However, we have to say ‘Contra, California’ was a particular highlight. 

‘Wolf’ is paradoxically light, twinkling synths drip into a larger dance beat as the tune reaches its climax. Whereas the EP’s title track offers an altogether darker, moodier soundscape with rock-inspired guitars and percussion doing the driving into a super catchy hook. It’s a change which is really welcome and cuts through all the dream-esque synths like adding acidity to a creamy pasta dish.

There’s inspiration coming from all sorts of genres on this record. Elements of 80s pop infuse with new-wave indie-pop references to create something truly unique and wholly pleasant. 

Pre-save ‘Superdrugs’ now ahead of its release on 30 August. 

List to Elephant Lungs below. 

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