The Wild Type – Thank You, Stranger – EP Review

Out of the wreckage of 2020 and a disrupted album creation process comes The Wild Type’s second EP ‘Thank You, Stranger’. 

Kansas’s The Wild Type are back with new EP ‘Thank You, Stranger’

Following on from 2016’s indie-rock infused EP ‘Degenerate Matters’, The Wild Type have now graced us with another EP ‘Thank You, Stranger‘. 

Featuring huge singles like ‘Brand New Face’ and ‘Not Tonight Josephine’, ‘Thank You, Stranger’ ripples into life. 

A shimmering collection of indie-pop belters, the record struts along at a great pace, whether you shuffle the tracks or not. 

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Rachel Mallin, you get the feeling The Wild Type are showing us more of what they love to do on this record. 

‘Hallways’ slows the pace as a glowingly beautiful example of atmospheric alt-indie sound. Mallin’s vocal sits atop the tune with an ethereal quality. Those chilled out indie-pop vibes continue on ‘Easy’. But with all this atmospheric sound you may be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing in there to bob along too. 

How wrong you’d be. Even on tracks like ‘Easy’ there’s a ticking percussion beat throughout which you only discover is making your head dance far too late. You end up slinging it on again and falling in soothing, melodic love. The synth work is sublime too. 

If you only download one chilled out indie-pop album this year, we implore you to make it this one. It’s like a Jacuzzi for your ears

Thank You, Stranger‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen and watch the video to ‘Not Tonight Josephine’ below.

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