Taxi With Strangers – Voelas – Single Review

Maxïmo Park fans rejoice, for we have found a new love. Taxi With Strangers’ delightful indie-pop bounce comes through on their new tune ‘Voelas’. 

‘Voelas’ is the brand new July release from Taxi With Strangers

From 2019 up until now, the Taxi With Strangers lads have been busy churning out singles which have started to get them noticed outside of their native Lancaster and Morecombe. 

Now they come to us with their latest gem ‘Voelas. Speaking about the inspiration behind the new single, guitarist Jake Bellamy said: 

Throughout most of 2019, I’d go down to Liverpool to visit my girlfriend when she was at uni. Over the summer, we’d stay at her flat on Voelas Street in Toxteth. I had this riff on the back burner at the time but couldn’t think of any vocal melodies to fit the music. However, before lockdown, I showed Voelas to Dave and we were luckily able to finish the song. For me, the lyrics of this song remind me of that time with my girlfriend in Liverpool; going on nights out together, going to gigs, exploring the city, even just staying in the flat all day doing nothing. I feel like the vibes of this track has, makes it a song for summer

There certainly is a summery sound to the track. The thumping drums and jangling, quintessentially indie, guitars are the perfect vehicle for it to take flight. 

Those sun-drenched overtones come through when it starts to build beautifully before breaking into a catchy hook which shimmers against the atmospheric sound. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear the chorus was being delivered by Paul Smith in all his bowler hatted quality. 

However, the best thing about ‘Voelas’ is how you can tell it was written when the band were in a great place. The happiness it gives Bellamy and the lads really shines through on the track. Their smiles are audible. 

If Taxi With Strangers can make this sort of glinting indie tune, then they’re certainly speaking our language. And Maxïmo Park are awesome anyway, so who wouldn’t want more of that in the world?

Voelas‘ is available to stream or download now. 

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