Alex Kate – Sunshine – Single Review

If you were waiting for a female alternative to Years and Years, we may have just found what your looking for. Alex Kate’s new single ‘Sunshine’ is bouncing indie-pop bop. 

‘Sunshine’ is the new single from Alex Kate

The pandemic has taken so much from so many, but it has now given us Alex Kate

Norfolk-born Alex has always been involved with music. From a classical background which saw her performing as part of operas to working with industry professionals in an assistance capacity.

But it took a global pandemic to shake her into life when it came to focussing on her obvious singer-songwriter abilities. 

Now we have ‘Sunshine‘, one of the songs she’d secretly been writing throughout her life. Alex herself describes her new single as a “lyrical journey from loneliness to intimacy”

Just as the sun explodes from behind the clouds on an overcast day, this track blossoms into life. Growing from dark, rumbling, moody sounds to explode in a hail of synth-driven atmospheric beauty

Throughout the shift between build and chorus, one staple is Alex’s stunning vocal and emotive lyricism. With a storytelling, almost theatrical, ere to the track she delivers everything her background promises and then some. 

With her debut EP ‘Call Me Human’ scheduled to hit the shelves in September, the backend of 2021 looks pretty promising for this talented soloist. 

Sunshine‘ is available to download and stream now.

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