Collars – Everything Present 1 – EP Review

Collars’ effortlessly cool debut EP, ‘Everything Present 1’ is a monument to modern indie music.

‘Everything Present 1’ is the debut EP from Collars

The storm of enthusiasm surrounding Collars has built and built over the last couple of years. Plenty of love has been pouring forwards from the likes of BBC Introducing including. They’ve also gaining “Track Of The Week” status on the Channel Islands version of the BBC platform. 

Now they bring us their debut EP ‘Everything Present 1 (EP1) which is a genre-spanning white water ride through just what this Cambridgeshire duo have in their collective locker. 

‘Everything Present 1’ blasts beautifully from post-punk vibes on ‘Over You’ through to up-beat, alternate, ukulele-led love songs like ‘I Do’. ‘Jeremiah’ then comes through and restores more of an indie-rock atmosphere on its way to referencing the dark work of celebrity-ism and excess.

The crazy ride is pleasantly supported, along the fast-moving waters, on the band’s supportive raft of atmospheric indie guitars and understated drums. Much of which is laid down by Kane who manages to craft most of the sounds via a modified drum-kit.

The Cambridgeshire duo have the world at their feet after this debut

‘Hey Lizzie, Lay It On Me’ is sensational. A true floating indie tune if ever we heard one and an absolute joy to listen to. Little wonder, then, this was the song which shouldered that BBC Introducing “Track Of The Week” title. The other member in this duo, Dan, puts forward intense lyricism which is delivered in such an accessible way. 

We like the way Collars think.

This EP is a dream to behold and it’s just a debut. There is an element of a band here who are still working out their sound. But what we’ve heard so far is sooo encouraging. 

Make sure you catch Collars who will be strutting out ‘EP 1’ at a range of gigs throughout the rest of 2021

Everything Present 1‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen to our favourite track: ‘Hey Lizzie, Lay It On Me’ now below, 

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