TMCF – The Space In Between Part 1 -EP Review

Hertfordshire duo TMCF are back with a brand new EP ‘The Space In Between Part 1’. A deliciously dark, swirling, space oddity of a record which takes you deeper into their synth-driven ambient indie soundscape.

‘The Space In Between Part 1’ is the shadowy new EP from TMCF

Following on from their cataclysmically titled debut EP ‘It’s Monday And The World’s On Fire’, the ambient indie sounds of TMCF are back with their second EP ‘The Space In Between Part 1‘. 

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that “Part 1” in the title. The Hertfordshire pairing are promoting this as just the start of a two piece EP project.

But, while we wait for part 2 to emerge, let’s get into part 1. 

The first release off the new record is the melancholic ‘From Green To Grey‘ which seems to be a convergence of styles which range from Bombay Bicycle Club to Joy Division. With a sullen, Ian Curtis-style tone it drifts along to the beat of a twanging electric guitar which encourages your interest. 

Moving through the rest of the EP your treated to more ranging sounds which challenge those borders of ambient sound, iconic tones and purely individual flair

There’s an otherworldly beauty to ‘The Space In Between Part 1’ which is magically captured in ‘Collapse‘. A, mainly, instrumental tune which barely nudges 01:20 in length. But it intrigues you right up until it fades away. 

Thaumaturgy‘ and ‘Soon The World Goes Black‘ are more plays from the melancholic indie-pop manual. But both manage that journey completely separate ways.

Where ‘Thaumaturgy’ chooses to layer mournful lyricism and messaging through grinding guitars and stepped-up drums, ‘Soon The World Goes Black’ chooses a different path. Showing a range of vocals you don’t hear anywhere else on the record, and doing it all to the drifting tones of the piano.

However, for us, the star of the show is ‘The Lions Den‘. Full of bounce, drive and a shimmering indie-style guitar element. Those Curtis-esque vocals are there again to provide nice continuity. But as the track builds it transforms through crashes of symbol as the kit is allowed to wander further than it has so far.

All in all, ‘The Space In Between Part 1’ is a unique record which could only have been made by TMCF. And that’s the highest compliment we could pay it. Fiercely exclusive and well worth a listen

The Space In Between Part 1‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen to ‘From Green To Grey’ below now.

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