Christine Sako – Seasoned – Single Review

Welcome to the sun-drenched indie-pop world of Christine Sako. Her new tune ‘Seasoned’ is here to put a little California in your summer. 

Christine Sako’s new indie pop tune ‘Seasoned’ is available now

To give you a brief history of Christine Sako, following on from a band career which saw her opening shows for the likes of Paramore, Sako then went her own way. Releasing her break out solo album  ‘The Math Project’ back in 2014. 

Since then, Sako has been busy recrafting herself as an, honest to goodness, indie-pop starlet. A handful of singles later and she’s on top of the world with her new sound.

Seasoned‘ is the latest of those single releases and it’s a tune which flutters effortlessly into your life.

Set to a backdrop of atmospheric synth, gentle percussion and a suggestion of guitars there’s a real soothing quality to the tune. 

Sako herself labels ‘Seasoned’ as a ‘soft-banger’ where she’s been able to further explore her indie-pop roots. Those tones more than come through in the final version, and soft-banger is the perfect description.

In the tune, she may talks about the changing seasons with the leaves starting to turn and fall. But, for us, there’s definitely more than a little summertime magic in it. 

Sako’s vocal is effortless, sitting casually above the tune. Like a teenager on a wall being embraced by their high-school sweetheart. Carefree, present and delightfully upbeat.

Seasoned‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen now below.

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