Madison Margot – Heathrow – Single Review

June was filled with some of the strongest releases of the year, ‘Heathrow’ by Madison Margot is certainly on the hot list of the year.

Madison Margot returns with her latest dream-pop single ‘Heathrow’

The latest single from Madison Margot will certainly fly straight into your open arms with a radiant smile on its face and a comforting hug.

Produced by Tone Def, ‘Heathrow’ tells the story of how tough long distance relationships can be.

Inspired by Madison’s ongoing long distance relationship story, the songwriter is constantly back and forth between Los Angeles and London.

Receiving praise from the likes of CLOUT, LOCK and Daily Advent, ‘Heathrow’ is definitely making waves within the industry and comes across as Madison’s finest work to date. 

Quickly developing a love hate relationship with travelling back and forth, ‘Heathrow’ comes across as grounded. Bathed in dream-pop elements that will leave you drifting off to a place of happiness, the glistening synth-pop fragrances throughout are radiant and hard to be ignored.

In the conclusion, the track feels like it has rose tinted glasses on and is continuously looking for listeners that will stick it on repeat.

Wherever you may be in the world, Madison Margot’s ‘Heathrow’ is certainly a track you can call home.

Heathrow‘ is available to stream and download now. Listen below. 

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